About Port of Amsterdam

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Faster, smarter, cleaner

Port of Amsterdam is always looking for new opportunities to become faster, smarter and cleaner. The circular economy and the energy transition are attracting innovative new companies to the port, while well-established companies are investing in innovation. Regarding logistics and accessibility, we promote water and rail transport and other ‘greener’ alternatives. And by embracing digitalisation in all our processes, we support our customers in establishing faster, smarter and cleaner processes in logistics and other parts of their operations.

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As an independent port authority, we are in a position to generate value and growth. We create opportunities for innovative partnerships and business relationships. We pursue these activities in both well-established and new and uncharted areas, within and outside the North Sea Canal Area and both domestically and internationally. Our mission: Creating value by breaking new ground.

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By 2030, Port of Amsterdam will be a dynamic metropolitan port that combines the strengths of Amsterdam’s three major assets:

  1. World-class logistics hub
  2. High-quality regional industry
  3. Provider of diverse services to the city of Amsterdam