Innovation: strengthening the port area through applied innovations


We create the conditions needed to identify trends, opportunities and new technologies and to integrate them into the Port. We set up pilot projects for this purpose and develop new business models. The Internet of Things and applications such as drones help us to keep better track of how our assets – including quays, berths and terminals – are utilised. This enables us to operate our port with increased efficiency.

Innovation Liaison Joost Zuidema, serves as Port of Amsterdam’s Strategy & Innovation project manager.

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Initiatives we have launched since 2015:

A vibrant community based in a 4,000-sq.m. warehouse featuring indoor and outdoor workshops. Our mission is to support innovative start-ups and scale-ups looking to settle in the Port.

Attracting game changers
We aim to attract innovators and game changers to the port area. We can offer start-ups specialising in energy transition, the circular and bio-based economy, logistics innovation and safety and surveillance a location in Prodock. The Mainport Innovation Fund II (MIF II) – of which we are a co-founder – provides the financial backing for these businesses.

Emerging Technologies
Various types of sensors and the Internet of Things enable us to check the status of our infrastructure and keep track of developments in the port area. We investigate the application of emerging technologies such as smart eyewear, sensors and drones. Unmanned vehicles can support us in our patrolling and surveillance duties, while smart eyewear products are designed to improve operational processes. These technologies enable us to run the port in ways that are Smarter, Faster and Cleaner.

Logistics Innovation
We explore ways of optimising logistics in the port through data sharing. For example, we aim to further strengthen the Port’s position as a logistics hub in the Rail Service Center by improving connections to the hinterland and railway facilities. Effective data management allows us to combine various types of cargo more efficiently. BLIS (Inland Shipping Berth Information System) also enables inland vessels to keep track of available berths in the Port.


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Joost Zuidema

Joost Zuidema

project manager Strategy & Innovation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ninety-seven (97) million tonnes of transhipped cargo a year and 68,000 port-related jobs in the port region: this is an excellent basis for continued growth together with our partners and for sustainable development into an innovative network port. Since start-ups and scale-ups create diversification, the port offers various amenities and facilities, financing, and a platform for these businesses.

  1. As a market master, we create an ideal business climate for innovative companies and offer them the freedom and expertise needed to launch innovative initiatives;
  2. As a matchmaker, we connect parties, activities and industries in order to encourage cross-pollination and promote innovation;
  3. As a co-creator, we are involved in launching relevant innovations that require an extra ‘push’ on account of a lack of action in the market.

A large part of our current market share consists of cargo flows that are finite, i.e. fossil fuels. Since port businesses operating in the coal and petrol industries continue to operate in a market which is of great significance to the port region and the manufacturing sector in the German hinterland, our Port supports, and invests in, this high-value business. At the same time, we are undergoing a transition process by diversifying and innovating. This will make the port less dependent in the long run on the current cargo flows and the businesses that currently generate our income.

No. Port of Amsterdam has always enjoyed fruitful working relationships with the region. The city of Amsterdam and the Port have grown in tandem with each other. Innovation is in our DNA and has brought us to the start of a sustainable economy with new opportunities. We are seeing a growing number of technology-driven initiatives in our community relating to the circular economy. This leads the creation of innovation platforms that take innovation to the next level. Our port aims to connect these opportunities and our customers.