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Get acquainted with Port of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam port region is one of the world’s most important logistics hubs. With more than 97 million tonnes of cargo transhipment per year, it belongs to the five largest seaports of Western Europe’s. The strategic and central location in Europe makes the port easy to access and ensures excellent connections with all major European markets. Port of Amsterdam develops, operates and manages the Amsterdam port region. It also promotes sustainable economic development in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Port of Amsterdam wants to create economic and social value while developing the port of Amsterdam into a sustainable and innovative port. The aim is to create a good balance between strong financial returns, care for the environment and comprehensive added value for the region.

The Amsterdam port region comprises the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Zaandam and Velsen/IJmuiden. The ports in the North Sea Canal Area transhipped 97 million tonnes of goods in 2015, of which more than 78 million tonnes in the Port of Amsterdam. A total of 68,000 people work at businesses in the port or at port-related businesses in the port region. Within that total, around 46,000 people work in Amsterdam.


Port of Amsterdam has three main tasks:

1. optimisation of service provision and the business climate in the port region. To that end it focuses on existing customers, attracting new cargo flows and businesses and on marketing and promotion;

2. construction and maintenance of the infrastructure, renovating the port and managing the Westpoort Amsterdam port area;3. promoting swift, safe and environmentally benign handling of shipping traffic from 40 kilometres off the coast at IJmuiden to the Oranje locks, partly on the basis of regulations and enforcement.



Today’s major issues include the depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution and climate change. At the same time, logistics supply chains, trade networks and regional economic sectors are becoming increasingly interconnected. These challenges require innovative entrepreneurship and close collaborative partnerships. That is why our motto is “Port of partnerships”. In order to further bolster the port and rejuvenate the metropolitan region, we are developing innovative concepts for both inside and outside the port sector, with longstanding partners as well as with new, unexpected ones, both at a regional level and globally. This is how we expand our horizons. This is how we can be an intelligent logistics industrial supply chain that operates among the top European ports, strengthens the position of the Netherlands, and creates added value for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


Vision 2030

By 2030, the Amsterdam port region will be so much more than just a warehousing location. It will be a dynamic, metropolitan port that integrates Amsterdam’s three core attributes: a logistics hub of global proportions, a high-quality regional industry, and a multifaceted urban services sector. By combining these cores, the basis for an optimal cross-pollination, synergy and innovative growth is created. We are developing a port that is steadily supplying increased added value to its customers and the surroundings. A world-class business climate, development and innovation, jobs and revenues, improved quality of life and circularity are the key concepts. The port will continue to be the engine of the economy, but smarter, faster and cleaner. And the port will play an increasingly important role in the city’s metabolism and that of the surrounding area: the supply and removal, the circular waste and raw materials roundabout and the battery function for creating clean energy.