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Work in progress

Large-scale maintenance on Donauweg

Maintenance period: 16 October to 6 November

Summary of the work:

  • Adjustment of the paving of the driveways, replacement of the edgings and replacement of the asphalt structure. 

Construction of temporary Piarcoplein bus stops (on the side of the station)

Maintenance period: 16-10-2017 through 22-12-2017

Summary of the work:

Temporary bus stops are being constructed on the Piarcoplein square in order to facilitate touring buses wishing to stop at Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station. This creates a direct and safe connection from the touring bus to the Sloterdijk train station platforms and the Amsterdam public transport metro stations.

The work will ultimately result in the realisation of four temporary bus stops for coaches on the Piarcoplein square in Amsterdam. The bus stops will be positioned for optimum accessibility and traffic safety.