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Emission-free port and city
Clean energy on demand
About Project Clean Amsterdam
Port as city battery

Temporarily in need for (extra) electricity in the vicinity of Amsterdam water for a project, event or activity in Amsterdam? Until August 2020 you could rent a floating battery (for a maximum of 2 weeks in a row) filled with green electricity. When used for 1 to 2 weeks, it's not only good for your karma, but also for your wallet.  



On to a zero-emission port and city

The battery sails for six months on an electric ship to several activities in the city centre and the port of Amsterdam. The project is a collaboration between Port of Amsterdam and startup SKOON and stems from the ambition to become an emission-free port and city by 2050.

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Offshore wind productie in de haven van metropoolregio Amsterdam

The clean energy source for projects, events and activities

With Project Clean Amsterdam's sailing, clean battery, you don't need air-polluting, noisy, smelly diesel generators while relieving the electricity network at the same time. Choosing this floating battery also reduces traffic and saves parking spaces.

The battery recharges with renewable energy sources from the port. Think of sources like wind energy from Windpark Ruigoord, solar energy and energy from biomass from AEB. Smarter, faster and cleaner!


Clean energy on demand for the city and the port

Every two weeks the battery changes between projects in the port and in the city. In this way, the battery supplies energy to projects that need it at that time.

What we're going to use the battery for

Amsterdam is a very popular destination for river cruises. When in Amsterdam, the luxury ships use our shore power connection so their diesel generators (which cause noise pollution and extra emissions) can be turned off. However, in the river cruise high season (April and May) the demand for electricity is higher than the supply. To prevent ships from turning on their diesel generators, Port of Amsterdam uses the green battery for the peak of the season.

Background information

Smarter, faster, cleaner. Advantages of the green battery

  • Ideal during peaks of energy consumption 
  • Unburden the city's energy network 

  • Replaces diesel generators and reduces emissions 

  • Causes no noise pollution, the floating battery is wonderfully quiet 

  • Floats, so suitable for all waterfront locations 

  • Sails on an electrically powered ship and thus relieves road traffic 

  • Sails with ease through any Amsterdam canal

  • Can be used anywhere in the port
  • Good for your wallet

Exit the diesel generator, rent the green battery yourself 

Interested in 'clean energy on demand' for a temporary project? Wait no longer and rent the green battery yourself!  

Book the battery

Want to have a look first? No problem! Come to our demonstration container at Ruijterkade 7 (opposite the harbour building). We'll be happy to tell you all about our task in the energy transition of the port and the city.

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About Project Clean Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam and SKOON have jointly developed PROJECT CLEAN AMSTERDAM, a timeshare concept with a floating battery on an electric ship that supplies green power to projects with a temporary extra energy need. 

With its SKOON Cloud, SKOON offers a solution for the increasing demand for electricity. Batteries are used optimally because parties offer their batteries via the Skoon cloud and other parties with an energy demand can book the batteries. 

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Energy transition

The battery of the city

Port of Amsterdam wants to be the 'battery of the city'. We are therefore constantly looking for new ways to generate sustainable energy. 

And we don't do this alone, but preferably together with startups and other progressive parties such as SKOON. We believe that these types of partnerships can help us further realise our ambition to become an emission-free city and port by 2050.


Read more about energy transition in the port of Amsterdam


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