Digitisation: data as the key to a smart, clean and efficient port

Big data opens a world of possibilities and opportunities for the port region. The ‘Digital Port’ programme is designed to create a port that offers maximum accessibility over the water and the web. By making data available using digital services, the Port becomes transparent for users and we are able to handle vessels more quickly and intelligently. We also get to use our assets – including quays, berths and terminals – more efficiently. Digitisation is the backbone of our promise to become a smarter, cleaner and more efficient port.


Digitisation Liaison Susanne Visscher, serves as the Port's Digital Strategy project manager.

Latest articles

Test port for aquatic drones now in service

The test zone for aquatic drones created by Port of Amsterdam in the Moezelhaven section of the Port became operational today. Wedged between tankers and bulk carriers directly behind the Prodock innovation hub, the zone provides a space for drone...

Port of Amsterdam and its innovation partners

The second Port Conference was held on 8 November 2016, at the Prodock business centre on Amsterdam’s Moezelhavenweg. The conference theme this year was Samen werk maken van innovatie (‘Working on Innovation Together’).

A mooring pile that tells you how it’s doing

An innovative pilot has been launched that entails mounting smart sensors on the IJ piles. The IJ piles are two lightering piles before the lock in IJmuiden where sea-going vessels are moored when they transfer their cargo to an inland navigation...

Port of Amsterdam and 30Mhz collaborate on use sensors in port area

Port of Amsterdam has strengthened its slogan ‘Port of Partnerships’ yet again. The organization has started to work together with the sensor start-up 30Mhz. The goal of this collaboration is to set up projects using sensors in the port area in a...
inland navigation

Inland Navigation Agreement Inspection Overview signed

This system is designed to collate, present and compare data for inland navigation from various sources to ensure that the supervision and maintenance of inland navigation legislation and regulations run smoothly. It is also designed to reduce the...

Cargill wins Port Community Award

The reasons why a large majority of the public and the jury voted for Cargill are obvious. Cargill is the company that makes use of Portbase for all modes of transport – inland navigation, railway and road. Cargill is always very agile and focused...

Initiatives we have launched since 2015:

Monitoring through sensors
We have installed sensors provided by our partner 30MHz through which we automatically receive reports in the event of damage caused by ships to lighterage stations or in the event of unusual movements. One of the many advantages of this method is that it ensures smarter and faster maintenance.

AIS speeds up logistics process
We use the AIS (Automatic Identification System) and sensors to observe ship movements. This enables us to make the ship-handling process smarter and more efficient, thereby reducing waiting times and improving customer satisfaction.

The Things Network
As a proud partner of The Things Network, we installed a Long Range Radio Antenna (LoRa antenna) in the Port of Amsterdam, part of efforts to build a global open data sensor network.

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Susanne Visscher

Digital Strategy project manager
Tel: + 31 6 836 49 437
Email: susanne.visscher@portofamsterdam.nl

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