Working together to ensure an open port

News item

We are all living in unprecedented times on account of the coronavirus crisis and the measures that are being taken. Nobody has previously experienced anything on this scale. It is heavily impacting our lives, which have changed completely in the space of a few days.

At the same time, life must go on. Our shops must continue to be supplied so that there are no shortages, our waste needs to be collected and processed, energy needs to be supplied and drinking water needs to be purified. The port will therefore remain open.

Together with our terminals, our customers, we are working to ensure the port remains accessible and can fulfil its role in society. We are doing so by strictly following all health measures. People are working from home where possible, and operations have been divided into various teams that have as little physical contact with one another as possible.

We have daily meetings with the port companies and business association ORAM about the developments and the impact on the operation of the companies. At these meetings, we ask whether and how we can help one another. If you have any questions or want to share experiences please contact us via A team of account managers will collate the questions and respond to you as quickly as possible.