VSDV opens new crossdock location

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A new 5,000 m2 warehouse has been built on the 1.8 hectare site. It has been constructed in a sustainable manner, with solar panels on the roof, by construction company Aan de Stegge. A truckwash has also been built on the site.



VSDV has achieved rapid growth in recent years through multiple acquisitions. These acquisitions have enabled VSDV to expand and improve its logistics network.

Peeters Vervoercentrale

Peeters Vervoercentrale was acquired in 2017. It specialises in finely-meshed city transport and drives electric vehicles around the city.  While Peeters was formerly situated on Gyroscoopweg, it had outgrown this location. This is why it is now housed with VSDV at this new location. 

Port of Amsterdam congratulates VSDV and Peeters Vervoercentrale on their new location in the Port.

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