Unveiling of scale model of control building for new sea lock

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Nieuw bediengebouw nieuwe zeesluis

A new phase was officially inaugurated on 9 October: the construction of the new control building for the new sea lock. The scale model of the design was unveiled in SHIP and Harbour Master Marleen van de Kerkhof was symbolically handed the key to access this new control building by Bob Demoet, Lead Engineer-Director of the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management Western Netherlands.

Like a tower of strength

The new control building resembles a monolith; the block of concrete with a 15-degree forward-lean is literally meant to be a tower of strength for the ships passing through and provides a perfect view of everything that happens in the lock. Kristian Koreman, from the architecture firm ZUS, says that everything about the building is functional and at the same time highly symbolic. The bowing, forward-leaning posture is designed to prevent reflections in the windows but at the same time symbolises a service-minded approach, as if we want to say to visiting ships “Welcome to our port”.

On top of the lock

It is good to see that in the new control building, the lock keepers will be right on top of the new sea lock again. The electricity for the energy-neutral building is supplied by solar panels.

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