Superyachts choose Amsterdam

News item

HISWA Holland Yachting Group and Port of Amsterdam announced in May 2018 their ambition to put Amsterdam on the map as a top destination for superyachts. The last two months more than 10 superyachts have chosen Amsterdam as their destination. They include Reef Chief, Aviva, Avanti, Forever One and Big Eagle.

Amsterdam is attractive to owners and captains of superyachts thanks to:

  • The wide selection of berths located in the city centre
  • The outstanding refit and maintenance facilities in the port area
  • The appeal of the city of Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam’s good location for calling at other Northern destinations
  • The berths are non-tidal

Two questions to a captain of a superyacht

This is not your first season in Northern Europe. What makes the yacht keep coming back to this part of the world?

'This region gives you a cruising experience that you will not find anywhere else. Where you enjoy a more typical summer holiday in the Mediterranean, up here it is all about travel and urban environments that you will not find in the Med. Coming here keeps it interesting for the owners and their guests but also for us, the crew. Following the success of our previous season in Northern Europe, we then confirmed that the boat will visit these waters more regularly.'

How does your location here in Amsterdam compare to other destinations in northern Europe?

'This spot here beside the historic National Maritime Museum is the best in the city. We always try and get the owners and their guests as close as possible to the action wherever we go, and you cannot beat this location. It is still very early to tell of course as we are here for such a short time, but I can definitely see Amsterdam becoming an important port of call for us and other yachts that will cruise this region.'