Successful test at VCK Logistics with Joloda system

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One Shot Container Loading system

The One Shot Container Loading system provides Joloda customers the ability to also load heavy and long packages into a conventional container in stead of an open top container. Packages with lengths between 3 and 13 meters are easily slid into the container in one go (One Shot). An efficient and cost effective solution for the loading and unloading process. The use of the system requires no alteration of a standard ISO container.

Gulf Extrusions choses Joloda One Shot Container Loading

Gulf Extrusions is a VCK Logistics customer, manufacturing aluminium profiles for diverse purposes (e.g. construction, automotive, cylinders and trailers). Gulf Extrusions main motive to switch to the One Shot Container Loading system is cost savings. Also important the further reduction in the risk of damage and disposal of a more efficient loading and unloading process, says Rolf van Strijbos, terminal manager at VCK Logistics.

The material does not need to be loaded into an open top container with an overhead crane anymore. "Furthermore, the cargo can be transhipped in the standard ISO 40ft container instead of the lesser available and therefore considerably more expensive open top containers," adds Van Strijbos.

How does it work?

The cargo is set up and secured on a wooden frame, separately from the container.

After arrival two rails are placed in the empty container. These rails are then connected to the rails which were secured underneath the ready to go cargo during preparation.

The skates (secured) underneath the cargo can lift the complete structure by use of a hydraulic pump. When lifted the cargo can be slid into the container with ease.  

After loading the container the skates are retracted and the rails removed, ready to be deployed during the next loading or unloading process.