Sale by Simadan a strategic move

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Simadan has announced today that it has sold the companies in its group. Port of Amsterdam sees this acquisition as helping build a stronger future. The five companies owned by Simadan will be transferred to two parties, one Dutch and one English.

Biodiesel Amsterdam (BDA), Tank & Truck Cleaning Amsterdam (CSA) and Tankstorage Amsterdam (TSA) will be sold to John Swire & Sons, a globally operating English family business with numerous and diverse activities. Rotie and Noba will be sold to the investor Parcom. Parcom will integrate the activities of Noba into Marvesa Oils & Fats, a well-known global trade and distribution organisation in niche ingredients in animal feed.

Roon van Maanen, Head of Circular & Renewable Industry: ‘This acquisition is good news for Simadan and its almost 300 employees. The buyers have confidence in the business, the direction and the products, and will further strengthen the various divisions. With its circular and bio-based activities, Simadan is an excellent fit for the Port and is part of our transition strategy.’

A link to the English press release is  here.

For questions, contact Roon van Maanen,

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