Port of Amsterdam sponsors Uitmarkt cultural festival

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Port of Amsterdam has entered into a three-year alliance with the Uitmarkt cultural festival. Koen Overtoom, CEO of Port of Amsterdam, and Jan de Rooij, Chair of the Uitmarkt Foundation, made this official on Thursday, 27 July 2017. Port of Amsterdam aims to strengthen the relationship between the port and the city through this multi-year collaboration.

The Uitmarkt

This annual 3-day event in Amsterdam marks the start of the cultural season and is being held for the 40th time this year. Visitors to the Uitmarkt, held on the last weekend of August at the former Royal Netherlands Navy base ‘Marineterrein’, are treated to live previews of the cultural offerings of all the branches of the arts (performing arts, festivals, music, literature, museums and cultural heritage).

Expanding knowledge

Port of Amsterdam will focus during the Uitmarkt cultural festival on providing the people of Amsterdam with information on the important role the port plays for Amsterdam and its residents. Visitors to the Uitmarkt at the former Dutch Royal Navy Base will gain an impression of all the activities carried out in the Port of Amsterdam. Themes such as biobased, circular, energy, innovation and sustainability will be presented in an accessible way. It will, for example, be highlighted that Port of Amsterdam provides a large part of the sustainable energy needed by the Uitmarkt.

This year’s edition of the Uitmarkt will take place on Friday evening, 25 August, Saturday 26 August and Sunday, 27 August 2017.

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