Port of Amsterdam participates at ‘Behind the Scenes@Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day’

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VNCI 100 years

On 19 October the chemists of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area team up with the Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI), that celebrates its 100th anniversary to organize a great event for professionals and students working in the chemical industry and academia.The morning program starts with a look behind the scenes at a number of chemical companies up and around Amsterdam Science Park and Port of Amsterdam. In the afternoon Port of Amsterdam will elucidate the Chemistry Cluster in Amsterdam in 2050 at the Amsterdam Science park.  You can contact our expert Roon van Maanen directly and meet him at the event. See also the complete program of the event.


Chemistry Cluster Amsterdam focuses on circular

Amsterdam Circular & Chemistry Cluster


Circular Economy and Chemistry in the port of Amsterdam

Circular economy in the port


Amsterdam Chemistry Platform

Amsterdam Chemistry Platform

The fruitful interaction between the scientific community, start-ups and more established companies is further enhanced by the Amsterdam Chemistry Platform, a partnership between Port of Amsterdam and Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam (ILCA). Amsterdam Chemistry Platform has the following objectives:

  • Connecting the various networks
  • Making available research, analyses, students and education 
  • Providing a platform for developing start-ups, scale-ups and industry


If you have any questions or would like more information about the Amsterdam Chemical Cluster, please contact our expert Eva Wijma, Business Development Manager at ILCA and Port of Amsterdam, at eva.wijma@portofamsterdam.com or by calling +31 (0)6 5517 5160.

Direct contact with our experts

Contact our expert

Roon van Maanen

Roon van Maanen

Hoofd Circular & Renewable Industry
Team Circular & Renewable Industry
Tel: +31 20 523 45 36
E-mail: roon.van.maanen@portofamsterdam.com