Port of Amsterdam new partner of HISWA Holland Yachting Group

News item

Port of Amsterdam officially joined the HISWA Holland Yachting Group as a partner on Wednesday, 30 August, presenting itself as a new partner to the members during the annual HISWA summer event. The event was held on the wharf of yacht manufacturer Royal van Lent (Feadship) on the Kaag waterway. Port of Amsterdam and the yacht manufacturer had crossed paths before, as Royal van Lent recently expanded its operations by building a brand-new wharf in the port area. The arrival of Royal van Lent has prompted Port of Amsterdam to explore its own opportunities in the luxury yacht (also known as ‘super yachts’) industry and to work on attracting businesses operating in this industry, including yacht manufacturers, re-fitters and suppliers, to the city. Port of Amsterdam also seeks to position itself as a port of call at the same time.

Market demand

Port of Amsterdam believes entry into the super-yacht business provides the perfect opportunity
for diversification, one of its strategic objectives. The unique value presented by the rich history of shipbuilding in both Amsterdam and the Netherlands overall provide an excellent foundation in this regard. Yacht manufacturing is a high-quality export product in which Dutch industry has traditionally been a powerhouse, boasting a level of skill and expertise next to none. The growing demand in the market for increasingly larger-sized yachts (a process known as ‘upscaling’) means yacht manufacturers require a growing amount of space on the land and water to build and refit these super yachts. The available wharfs have become too small following the increase in the scale of production, and several wharfs are currently looking for new sites for expansion. Another priority for these wharfs is easy access to the open sea and sufficient space on the land and the adjacent (deep) water. Proximity to an attractive city with an international airport is also very important to their stakeholders (including owners, captains and crew members). These and other factors give the Amsterdam port area a competitive edge in attracting these businesses to the region.

With both Caribbean and Mediterranean shipping areas becoming overcrowded, yacht owners are looking to venture into new coastal territories. Amsterdam could serve as a port of call en route to other regions, including Scandinavia.

HISWA Holland Yachting Group

Representing some of the world’s leading companies operating in the super-yacht manufacturing industry, HISWA Holland Yachting Group seeks to strengthen the competitive position of the Dutch yacht-building industry. HISWA – which combines an in-depth knowledge of the market with a wide network and access to various companies in the industry that can help to promote the Netherlands internationally and put it on the map as a yacht-building powerhouse – is a strategic partner for Port of Amsterdam.

Time frame

HISWA and Port of Amsterdam will be presenting together at the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of September, and in the immediate future they will be working with representatives of the super-yacht industry on developing a proposition to market Amsterdam as a port of call and destination for super-yacht manufacturing. The partners will also be creating a business case to assess which sections of the port are most suitable for accommodating the super-yacht industry.

For further information, please contact Jeroen Lotze of Alma Prins