Port of Amsterdam and 30Mhz collaborate on use sensors in port area

News item

Port of Amsterdam has strengthened its slogan ‘Port of Partnerships’ yet again. The organization has started to work together with the sensor start-up 30Mhz. The goal of this collaboration is to set up projects using sensors in the port area in a more structural manner.

Damage control by using sensors

One of the projects Port of Amsterdam is working on together with 30Mhz, is to detect damage to mooring dolphins in the port area by using sensors. The information detected by the sensors will be visualized on a real time dashboard. When an unusual movement is measured or damage occurs, a notification will be sent to the Management & Maintenance department of Port of Amsterdam. These new developments will make it easier to maintain the port and repair possible damages efficiently.

Besides practical projects, 30Mhz is also sharing its technological knowledge with Port of Amsterdam in order to improve other projects, such as the ongoing pilot in the Houthaven, where sensors are being used to measure which moorings are occupied. 

Data exchange between sensors

The sensors will be using the recently placed LoRa (Long Range Radio) data network ‘The Things Network’, of which Port of Amsterdam is a proud partner. The Things Networks is a campaign to create an open data network for sensors on a global level. Port of Amsterdam has placed its first LoRa antenna on the Petroleumhavenweg this week. By making use of the LoRa data network the sensors are able to communicate with the dashboard as well as with each other. In time, companies established in the port will be able to use this open network for their own sensor projects.

More information

For more information about the collaboration between Port of Amsterdam and 30Mhz and questions about innovative developments in the Amsterdam port area, contact Joost Zuidema, +316-40905886, joost.zuidema@portofamsterdam.com.