Port to accommodate ‘urban nomads’

News item

The ‘urban nomads’, a community of travellers with no fixed residence, will be returning to the Amsterdam port area after a four-year absence. They will be setting on Westhavenweg for a maximum period of one year starting in mid-May.

In 2013, when the group were based on the Wethouder van Essenweg road, it was agreed that each of Amsterdam’s boroughs would accommodate the urban nomads for one year based on a rotation schedule. They were based most recently in the West Amsterdam borough, having previously been hosted by the North (2014), South East (2015) and New West boroughs. On account of the lack of space available, the West Amsterdam borough has requested that we accommodate them for another year.

The only plot of land we have available is that on Westhavenweg (under the billboard), which was previously reserved for two container homes. The community consists of a total of 30 caravans. At the request of the Amsterdam City Council, the New West borough is currently building a fence around the land and a separate entrance for the advertising column. A portable toilet will be installed, along with a water tap. The West Amsterdam borough and Port of Amsterdam will be jointly responsible for enforcing the rules on and around the halting site.

Businesses in the immediate vicinity will be informed about the arrival of the urban nomads.