New Wabo 5 water supply boat ensures faster delivery of drinking water to cruise ships

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Wabo 5

With cruise season now officially upon us, traffic is noticeably up in the Port of Amsterdam. And it’s not just from passengers embarking and disembarking the ships: we also welcome suppliers stocking those ships for the brief time they are docked in our Port. Cruise ships are supplied with all manner of provisions, including fresh food and drinking water. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently, as ships remain in the Port for just a few hours before setting off again. De Waterboot BV, a supplier of fresh drinking water to sea and river cruise ships, has created the perfect solution: the Wabo 5 water boat.

The Wabo 5, Waterboot’s new water supply vessel, serves the entire North Sea Canal Area. It weighs 600 tonnes and measures 57 metres in length and 7 metres in width. The new boat has a tank capacity that is 50% larger than that of the current fleet and it can supply drinking water to ships more quickly, avoiding any delays in departure. The Wabo 5 can supply ten times faster than shore-based supply systems.

Port of Amsterdam is committed to ensuring an efficient supply to the cruise ships we accommodate, using the most sustainable methods available. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with this new resource in the Port!