The new sealock, what is happening in August?

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 Bouw nieuwe zeesluis augustus 2018

During this month, OpenIJ will continue working on the walls of the inner lock head (number 1 in the picture) and on the flood defence (number 2 in the picture). Near the outer lock head, OpenIJ is carrying out excavation work for the lock sill cofferdam (number 3 in the picture).

Walls of the inner lock head

At the inner lock head, OpenIJ is still working hard on the installation of reinforcement steel for the walls. The builders are currently busy with concreting stages 3 and 4 for the walls at a height of 13 metres above NAP (Normal Amsterdam Level). The walls of the inner lock head will be constructed in seven stages in total. The reinforcement steel for the walls of the inner lock head has already been installed up to a height of 18 metres above NAP. Two lock gates will be installed into the inner lock head, namely the gate on the North Sea Canal side (the inner gate) and the spare lock gate.

Flood defence

Also in August, work will continue on the future flood defence. The height of the flood defence will be 8.85 metres above NAP. Contracting consortium OpenIJ is currently working on the walls of the flood defence. The future public road will be built on top of the flood defence.

Lock sill cofferdam of the outer lock head

At the moment, OpenIJ is carrying out excavation work for the lock sill cofferdam next to the outer lock head. In this cofferdam, the lock sill is being built on which the future outer gate will run for closing and opening the lock.

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