The new sea lock - what's happening in December?

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Update bouw nieuwe zeesluis IJmuiden december 2017

This month, work will continue on the construction of the gate chambers. The floors are nearly completed and construction of the walls is starting now. Construction work in the other cofferdams continues as normal. Gantry-like structures, onto which cranes will be installed later, are built on top of the cofferdams. The cofferdam for the vertical lock gate recess is now being pumped dry. The last diaphragm walls for the lock chamber walls have now been installed and construction work on the new flood defence continues. 

Construction of the walls of the gate chambers

In December, the last concrete pourings will take place for the floor of the inner head gate chamber (1). After completion, contracting consortium OpenIJ will continue with the construction of thick concrete walls on top of the floors of the inner and outer heads. Concrete will be poured in several layers, each layer being 3.5 metres high. Construction of these walls will continue until into next year.

Construction works in other cofferdams near the inner head

Near the inner head, OpenIJ is not only building the gate chambers, but work is also continuing in other cofferdams. In November, a gantry-like structure has been built on top of the cofferdam of the inner lock sill (3). The structure acts as a moveable platform on top of which a crane will be installed later.  In December, a similar structure will be built on the cofferdam of the outer lock sill. Next month, the cofferdam for the vertical gate recess will be pumped dry to enable concrete pouring at 10 metres below water level (2). The vertical recess is necessary to create a watertight seal between the gate and the lock chamber wall when the gate is closed.

Diaphragm walls for the lock chamber walls

The last diaphragm walls for the lock chamber walls have been installed. The diaphragm wall grabs have been moved to the construction site of the dividing dam (4) to work on the new flood defence between the Middle Lock and the new lock. The diaphragm wall grabs will fill up the area in order to move the flood defence in a seaward direction. The dividing dam will act as the new flood defence structure connecting the new sea lock with the Middle Lock.

Explanation of construction jargon can be found here.

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