A mooring pile that tells you how it’s doing

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An innovative pilot has been launched that entails mounting smart sensors on the IJ piles. The IJ piles are two lightering piles before the lock in IJmuiden where sea-going vessels are moored when they transfer their cargo to an inland navigation vessel. This literally makes the ship lighter and causes it to lie higher in the water, which means it does not encounter difficulties relating to the limited depth. Well-functioning IJ piles are consequently critical to the business operations of various companies in the port.

Why are we experimenting with sensors?

In association with our sensor partner 30Mhz, Port of Amsterdam envisions extensive opportunities in using sensors in order to make the port smarter, faster and cleaner. Applying the Internet of Things gives access to a new source of data that provides information on the state of the maintenance of our key artworks and infrastructure.

The aim of the project is to measure the condition of the IJ piles. It is possible for us to measure movements of and bumps against the IJ piles? Is the pile still straight? This additional supervision makes it possible to monitor use and schedule potential repairs proactively. The potential maintenance work consequently causes as little inconvenience as possible for vessels and businesses. Placing a sensor makes it possible for a message to be transmitted to Port of Amsterdam if a so-called abnormal situation arises. Action can then be taken quickly to solve the problem on location. If this pilot proves to be successful, smart sensors can also be equipped to other buoys and piles.

More information

If you have any questions about the smart sensors or other innovative projects, please do not hesitate to contact Joost Zuidema (New Business).

Also read the articles on Z24.nl and amsterdamlogistics.nl (in Dutch) about the sensors in Port of Amsterdam.