Message from CEO Koen Overtoom

News item

The coronavirus and the accompanying measures to fight it, mean we currently live in unprecedented times. No one has experienced this on such a scale. Our daily lives have been affected and the lives of our elderly and our children have been dramatically changed in a matter of days. The predictions made yesterday by our prime minister, stating that possibly half of our population will contract the virus, are frightening.

At the same time, life must go on. Stores need to be supplied to prevent shortages, waste needs to be collected and processed, energy needs to be delivered, and our drinking water needs to be purified. The port will therefore remain operational.

Port closed for cruisevessels

However, the impact of the virus is unmistakable, including for the port. For health reasons and effective immediately, we will deny cruise vessels carrying passengers entry to our port. This will be in force until further notice. This is one of the measures that we, as a port, take to contain the coronavirus. We feel a responsibility, as the port of and for Amsterdam and for the region.

Working together, being careful together

Due to its social role, the port has an important task. Together with the companies in the port, our partners and, of course, our own people, the port will keep fulfilling this task to the best of our abilities. I am incredibly proud of all the people that put so much effort into keeping the port, and by extension society, operational. The only way we can keep doing so, is by working together, being careful together, and doing our very best together.

I wish our clients, our port companies and their people, our partners, our directors, our own employees and the citizens of this metropolitan area the best and, above all, sound health.

Yours sincerely,

Koen Overtoom, CEO Port of Amsterdam