Improved information provision through Dynamic Lock Scheduling application

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Dynamische Sluisplanning

The Dynamic Lock Scheduling web application has been upgraded and now enables you to schedule your stay in the Amsterdam port area with even greater precision. The enhanced version of the application allows you to view not only the availability of the Noordersluis lock, but also any scheduled stoppages and disruptions of the operation of this lock, along with the availability of pilots and tugboats.

More information

The upgraded Dynamic Lock Scheduling application now also provides information on:

  1. Any stoppages and disruptions in the operation of sea locks and updates on disruptions and other malfunctions.
  2. Information on the availability of pilots and tugboats. A colour system used to indicate availability status tells you instantly whether these nautical service providers are available when you require them.
  3. The area covered by the application has been expanded. Whereas the previous version of the application displayed only the Noordersluis lock, it now also covers the Amsterdam and IJmuiden areas (seaward side).

For whom?

The web application is accessible to our nautical partners, who require a log-in ID and password.
If you are not currently using the Dynamic Lock Scheduling application but would like to, you can create a user account at The verification process requires a maximum of three working days. You will be asked to agree to the General Terms and Conditions of Use as part of this verification process.

More information

The Dynamic Lock Scheduling application allows vessels passing through the Noordersluis lock to be scheduled farther in advance. Inbound seagoing vessels are scheduled 48 hours in advance and outbound seagoing vessels 24 hours in advance. Our nautical partners can access the schedule electronically through the Dynamic Lock Scheduling application.

An animated information video on the Dynamic Lock Scheduling application is available here.