GE Aviation Materials and CFM Materials land in Atlaspark

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GE Aviation Materials and CFM Materials

Two of the most venerable companies in the world landed a shared branch in the port of Amsterdam. GE Aviation Materials and CFM Materials, a joint venture between General Electric and Safran Snecma, have established themselves on the Casablancaweg in Atlaspark.


Both companies focus on the development and sale of aircraft engine parts for commercial and military aircraft industries. The location on the Casablancaweg specifically concentrates on the sale and logistical distribution of spare parts. With the proximity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and KLM as an important client, the location in Atlaspark is ideal. In addition, the available hinterland connections offer the possibility of swift transport to other customers.

As GE Aviation Materials and CFM Materials are companies at the forefront of technological innovation, Port of Amsterdam is more than proud with these additions to the port. Furthermore, the business of these parties provides a positive impulse for other companies. This includes a close collaboration with CEVA Logistics. This unique supply chain service provider takes care of the logistical distribution of the new additions. The safe transportation of the aircraft engine parts necessitates specialist knowledge that the personnel of CEVA Logistics can provide. This collaboration is a beautiful example of the synergy Port of Amsterdam strives for and contributes to the success of the three companies.

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