Film release 'Superyachts: handcrafted in Amsterdam'

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Film release Superyachts Handcrafted in Amsterdam

Ship and yacht building are interwoven with the history of Amsterdam. Two years ago we decided to bring this manufacturing industry back to the region. Why? Because there is a beautiful example of craftsmanship and a lot of innovation and employment involved.

A lot has happened in those two years. We have entered into a partnership with HISWA Holland Yachting Group and in May this year, we welcomed yacht builder Royal van Lent - Feadship to the port. But established suppliers in Amsterdam, also play an important role in this industry. Take Oculus Technologies, for example, where they visualize all data around and findable on a superyacht to make it as easy and pleasant as possible for users of a superyacht. And Sevenstar Yacht Transport has been a key player in the sustainable and safe transport of yachts for years.

In our new movie "Superyachts: handcrafted in Amsterdam" we show you how this manufacturing industry is increasingly taking shape in the Amsterdam region and the contribution these players make to this.

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