Film premiere on the plastic hub in the port of Amsterdam

News item

Plastic waste is a global problem. Its solution is found in the port of Amsterdam. Several companies have joined forces as a 'plastic hub' and are able to use new technologies and innovations to recycle and upcycle more and more types of plastic. IGES is the world’s first company able to turn foils into biodiesel for the shipping industry (among others), and Plastic Recycling Amsterdam is a new player that can accurately separate various plastics on a large scale and process them into a pure raw material for high-quality new plastic products. Finally, there is Plastic Whale, which has been fishing plastics out of Amsterdam’s canals for many years and using them to make boats and furniture, for example. For as long as plastic is used worldwide, these companies contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. Together with the waste collectors and waste separation companies, we can rightly describe the port of Amsterdam as a plastic hub.

The plastic hub film is being officially premiered today during the conference 'Let's get serious about plastic', part of the innovation festival 'WeMakeTheCity' in Amsterdam. In this film, the companies mentioned above explain their approach to reducing the amount of plastic waste. The companies are doing this together and in cooperation with Port of Amsterdam.

View the film Plastic in the Port;Bring it on! on our website: