Film launch: Digital solutions, the Amsterdam way

News item

Tuesday 29 October is the day of the internet and also the date of the launch of the film: Digital solutions, the Amsterdam way.

The film Digital Solutions, the Amsterdam way, shows how Port of Amsterdam and its clients realize digital solutions that contribute to a smarter, faster and cleaner port. Port of Amsterdam's approach is characterised by thinking big and taking a small approach to implementation. With 'dummies, Minimal Value Products, Proof of Concepts and mock-ups' we work on digital solutions. And Port of Amsterdam always works together with the customer. Because then boundaries are pushed back and value is added. In this film a ship visits the port of Amsterdam and some digital solutions are highlighted, namely:

- Dynamic lock planning with LBH Group
- Tracking barges via 'Poseidon' with Rederij de Jong
- Truck parking sensors with The Things Industries
- Online booking system via 'Easydock' with Viking Cruises

Plastic, Superyacht & Digital hub

The launch of the film is the third in a row in 2019. In the spring Port of Amsterdam launched the film Plastic hub; a film about the Amsterdam port as a circular ecosystem. And in September the film about Amsterdam as a Superyacht hub was rolled out. The focus was on the manufacturing industry, innovation and employment. In the latest film Digital solutions, the Amsterdam way, the focus is on continuously optimizing the customer experience and service in the Amsterdam port through smart, digital solutions.

All developments at Port of Amsterdam are aimed at realising the 2030 strategy. Namely to develop the port of Amsterdam into an Amsterdam Metropolitan Port and a preferred port for our existing and new customers.

The film Digital solutions, the Amsterdam way was made in collaboration with LBH Group, Rederij de Jong, The Things Industries and Viking Cruises.