E-Commerce innovations in the port | DrankDozijn.nl improves its efficiency with new fully automatic packaging machine

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Online liquor specialty store DrankDozijn.nl services its customers from one large warehouse, situated in the port of Amsterdam. The company has no physical stores, but has an efficient 10,000 m2 distribution centre at its disposal. From there orders are sent to customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France within 24 hours. Directly from the manufacturer or importer, with no costly transhipment nor storage.

In addition to the low pricing and large selection, DrankDozijn.nl puts everything into place to accomplish an optimal service level (100% customer satisfaction). Fast, reliable and efficient. To guarantee and enhance this level of service, the company invested in the purchase of a new fully automatic packaging machine.

Constant investment in controlled, fast and safe shipment of bottled beverages

With the introduction of the first (for bottle suited) Bestpack fully automatic packaging machine, DrankDozijn.nl enters a new phase regarding efficiency and innovation when it comes to the shipment of fragile, bottled beverages. The 16 meters long ‘street’ of components (such as conveyer belts, folding machine, hotmelt glue and addressing compartments, HD cameras and even weight checking per bottle) is the result of a collaboration between SIAT Benelux and ESAP Systems. The machine is unique to the liquor industry. DrankDozijn.nl is the first online liquor store utilizing such a fully automatic packaging machine in the process of getting its parcels ready for shipping.

When in stationary mode, the double Bestpack packaging machine can produce a parcel every five seconds. The boxes used are extra strong to guarantee a ‘breakage free’ shipment. The packaging machine is equipped with the most leading hardware modules and is fully remote controllable. For the use of the new machine, new optic fibre cables were installed and the latest innovations were built in.

Faster, smarter and cleaner

With the arrival of the new packaging machine, not only improvements are made regarding efficiency and productivity, but also in the field of sustainability. Mechanical packaging is ten times faster than packaging by hand. Plastic tape and loose filling material will no longer be utilized. And during the selection of the components, the most environmentally friendly solutions were chosen. A faster, smarter and cleaner business at DrankDozijn.nl.