Draft Noise Dispersion Plan for Westpoort section available for review

News item

The noise zones in the Westpoort and HoogTij sections of the Port were modified in 2015 and partially expanded as part of the Provincial Integration Plan, established by decree of the States-Province. The partners Port of Amsterdam, the City of Amsterdam, the City of Zaanstad, the Province of North Holland and the North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency have drafted noise dispersion plans for the Westpoort and HoogTij sections of the Port. The plans are designed to establish a transparent and clear system for the distribution of the available noise area within the new noise zones. As well as improving legal certainty for the businesses located in the above-mentioned industrial sites, they also serve to prevent noise areas for empty plots of land from being wasted and ensure that noise will not penetrate beyond the boundaries of the designated zones, as has occurred in the past.

On Tuesday, 18 July, the Amsterdam Municipal Executive agreed to publish the draft Noise Dispersion Plan for the Westpoort section of the Port. The open consultation period will run from 27 July to 7 September 2017. The documents will be available from the website www.ruimtelijkeplannen.nl from 27 July. The draft Noise Dispersion Plan for the Port’s HoogTij section was previously completed and was available for review until 6 July 2017.