Construction of the lock gates and lock gate recesses is well underway

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Fotograaf: Ko van Leeuwen

The construction of the IJmuiden New Sea Lock is well underway. The lock will have two lock gate recesses which are used to store the gates in open position. Rob Gordijn, OpenIJ's Area Manager, explained the various activities that are taking place on the construction site.

To enable the construction of the two lock gate recesses, OpenIJ had to build two cofferdams which were completed last year. The concrete structure for the lock gate recesses will be built inside the cofferdams. The cofferdam of the inner lock head was completed in August. "From that moment we could continue with the installation of reinforcement steel for the four metres thick floor", explained Mr Gordijn.

41 hours of continuous concrete pouring

OpenIJ started its first series of concreting operations for the floor of the lock gate recess of the inner head on Saturday 9 September at 07.15 am. This first series included a total amount of 4,100 cubic metres of concrete. Concreting operations were completed the next day, Sunday, at around midnight. "We worked continuously for about 41 hours to complete the concreting operations".

Timelapse betonstort

The time-lapse shows how a concreting operation works. This was the first in a series of four concrete pouring operations for the floor of the inner lock head. "The next step in the construction process is the construction of the walls. The walls will be built on the concrete floor and will be no less than 27 metres high! In the meantime we are going to sink the entire structure in two phases", Mr Gordijn proudly added.

Eighteen construction blocks for the lock gates

When in open position, the lock gates are stored in the lock gate recesses. The lock gates are built in South Korea. The first 'Small Box' for the new lock gates was completed and moved out of its construction hall last week. Each lock gate will be constructed of a total of six blocks: three upper blocks and three lower blocks which together will form one massive lock gate. This is the first upper block and also the first of a total of eighteen blocks that will be moved out of the construction hall in the coming months to be assembled to form three lock gates.

Sluisdeuren Zuid-Korea

"The part of the lock gate pictured in the movie weighs about 180 tons. Full marks to all those men and women who - day in day out - are carrying out all these hoisting, cutting, measuring, welding, fitting and pouring activities. Their work makes the construction of the lock possible", said Mr Gordijn.

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