Cargo that carries responsibility

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Visie Ketenverantwoordelijkheid

Our vision on chain responsibility

Port of Amsterdam is an important international hub where cargo flows from around the world are stored, transhipped and processed in the region. Some raw materials come from countries in which the production may be accompanied by corruption, poor working conditions, human rights violations and environmental damage. We are committed as Port of Amsterdam to providing insight into our role in the trade chain. This is why we have drawn up this Vision on chain responsibility.

We accept our responsibility for the effects of our activities on society, ecology and economy. Sensing responsibility is not, however, always the same as having the
potential to change or improve a situation. Port of Amsterdam focuses on collaborating with our clients, governmental agencies and NGOs and seeks to exercise influence whenever possible. We do this sometimes through dialogue and sometimes through action, but always with the best intentions and aimed at making the Port, region and trade chain more sustainable. 

The ‘Responsible Trade Chains’ theme is one of the five sustainability themes and is embedded in Port of Amsterdam’s sustainability agenda. This Vision does not stand on its own. In addition to the development of this theme, we have chosen to seek support and collaboration with other Dutch seaports. We are, for example, currently working with the Dutch seaports to implement the OESO guidelines for multinational enterprises.