Cargill wins Port Community Award

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On Thursday 26 March 2015, Ed Nieuwenhuizen, Port of Amsterdam's Chief Financial Officer, awarded a Silver Port Community Award to Cargill. The public and the jury chose Cargill by a large majority in the ‘Hinterland Exporters’ category. But the good news did not stop there: Cargill was also presented with the ‘Golden Link’ by Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. Port of Amsterdam would hereby like to congratulate Cargill on having won the prestigious Port Community Award!

Golden link in the information exchange chain

The exchange of information is increasingly important for the Dutch ports. It is the ideal way for them to further distinguish themselves from the international competition. A link connects people, businesses and ideas. The winner of the Port Community Award is the company that has proved itself to be the golden link in the logistics chain when it comes to the exchange of information.

The example which Cargill has set will also encourage other businesses to start using the Port Community System. By doing so, they will not only be consolidating their own competitive position, but also that of the Netherlands as a whole.

Why is Cargill also receiving the Golden Link?

The Port Community Award is the trophy for the company that has shown itself to be the most distinctive in the electronic exchange of information via the Port Community System used by the Dutch ports.

Cargill is a figurehead for Portbase, the organisation responsible for the Port Community System, in Amsterdam. The company encourages the use of the system's various services in the Amsterdam port, and expressly promotes the interests of the city’s port community when new developments take place.

The reasons why a large majority of the public and the jury voted for Cargill are obvious. Cargill is the company that makes use of Portbase for all modes of transport – inland navigation, railway and road. Cargill is always very agile and focused in responding to new developments. As an enterprise with international operations, Cargill, like no other, is aware of the advantages of effective information exchange to ensure smooth handling in the Dutch ports.

Half of the results was determined by a public vote, and the other half by that of an independent expert jury. The public was able to vote online between 12 January and 19 March 2015. Out of the four winners of the Silver Link, the professional jury then selected the overall winner of the Port Community Award – the Golden Link.

More about Cargill

Cargill BV was established in Amsterdam in 1959 as a commodity trading company. Today, Cargill is involved in the production of food ingredients and the processing, distributing and trading of agricultural products.

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More about Portbase

Via Portbase's cross-port Port Community System, companies can benefit from a wide range of intelligent services for the simple and efficient exchange of information, both between individual companies and between the public and private sectors. This enables everyone involved to optimise their logistics processes, allowing them to consolidate their own competitive position and that of the ports. Portbase is a non-profit organisation run for and by the port community.

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