Breakbulk Europe 2016: Larger port collective and stronger position

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‘Breakbulk Europe’, one of the most important annual European breakbulk exhibitions, took place again in Antwerp from 23 to 26 May 2016. This year, Port of Amsterdam was present at the joint ‘Port of Amsterdam’ stand together with Amsterdam Ports Association and 14 partners from the port area. Compared with previous years, a record number of companies went to Antwerp with us this year – a continually growing collective that is jointly strengthening the breakbulk position of the Port of Amsterdam.

750 years of knowledge and experience

Breakbulk Europe is the largest international exhibition in the field of traditional breakbulk and cargo logistics. The exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about developments in the breakbulk industry and to meet representatives of shipping companies, ports, terminals, freight forwarders, logistics services providers and other parties. Once a year, both Antwerp Expo and the city centre become the meeting place for the international breakbulk community. The place par excellence to showcase the splendours of the Port of Amsterdam.

Port of Amsterdam has been sharing its knowledge and experience as a breakbulk hub for over 750 years. From New York to Tasmania, from St. Petersburg to Cape Town, its influence is manifest throughout the world. The Dutch capital’s port is a very important hub for breakbulk. With dedicated terminals, Port of Amsterdam facilitates various customers with a wide range of cargo, resulting in an import and export throughput of 5.2 million tonnes a year. Not only are breakbulk goods transported, stored and transhipped in the Port of Amsterdam, some of the commodities are also processed there. Most of them, however, are transported swiftly and efficiently by inland waterways, rail and road to the European hinterland. The proximity of the sea, the many connections with the European hinterland and the short distance to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are all favourable conditions for optimal logistics and distribution.

Interview in Breakbulk Magazine

The knowledge and experience of Port of Amsterdam is known in the breakbulk industry. Various trade journals are keen to hear the story of the Amsterdam collective. The busiest day of the exhibition therefore started with a video interview for Breakbulk Magazine in which both Anthony van der Hoest, Cluster Manager Logistics of Port of Amsterdam, and Michael van Toledo, General Manager at TMA Group, were interviewed. The brief video was edited in real time and then shown during the whole exhibition. The dual interview was a good opportunity to strengthen the position of Port of Amsterdam.

More information

To access more information about Port of Amsterdam’s participation in Breakbulk Europe, developments concerning breakbulk in Port of Amsterdam and/or to view the videos click here.