Amsterdam gains the world’s most sustainable chocolate factory

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chocolatemakers new factory

Chocolatemakers is building the world’s most sustainable chocolate factory in the Port of Amsterdam. This factory is extraordinary because it will fulfil its own energy needs through a completely transparent solar roof. The opening is scheduled for March 2019.


The company and Port of Amsterdam looked together at potential suitable locations in the port area. They found the ideal location on the quay where the Tres Hombres sailboat can moor directly.


Chocolatemakers is known as the Netherlands’ only chocolate producer that transports its cocoa beans to Amsterdam on the Tres Hombres sailboat.


Port of Amsterdam is delighted with the arrival of Chocolatemakers to the Port of Amsterdam, which is the world’s largest cocoa import port. This is good for the cocoa industry in the region.  Chocolatemakers demonstrates that it is possible to make an existing chain sustainable from bean to bar.