Amsterdam Circular Challenges

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Circular Challenge

Join the CleanCapital challenge for a circular Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is an urban mine for start-ups active in the field of Circular Economy, offering a plethora of opportunities to turn materials, emissions and data into valuable business cases. If you have a bright innovative idea or solution that meets the challenges of Amsterdam, do apply for this challenge before 1 September!

The six best ideas/solutions will be selected and invited to pitch during the Amsterdam Circular Challenge Event on September 27. The three winners will be offered free working facilities, resources, data and access to the network of CleanCapital and Amsterdam; it’s all waiting there for you!

Want to attend the Amsterdam Circular Challenge Event? Click here to register.

The Challenges

Our call for ideas is meant for motivated start-ups that will explore the city and its port around the following challenges:

Challenge 1 – Biomass Feedstock
The port of Amsterdam is a hub for urban & interregional waste streams. We are looking for innovative technologies and processes that turn biomass residues & waste into valuable feedstock. With a business model that can be profitable in less than 5 years.

Challenge 2 – CO2 Feedstock
Amsterdam emits CO2, due to its waste incineration & water treatment processes, at 99,9% purity. We’re interested in technologies that can harvest and convert this CO2 into a form which can be used for products & industrial processes, or upgrade its purity for potential users. Combinations with hydrogen gas or other fuels are welcome.

Challenge 3 – Digital Solutions
Industry & society are becoming increasingly data-driven. We’re looking for start-ups that can make use of data, connectivity and smart algorithms as a basis for circular economy products, -services & -infrastructure. Whether this is done by mining existing data from the city operators and big data sources, or by implementing sensors, machine learning or artificial intelligence; we are open to your unique suggestions!

Business opportunities in the Amsterdam Urban Mine!

The winners of this challenge will gain priority access to materials, data sources, mentorship & funding to winning teams. Clean Capital is providing flexible co-working space for 3 months, which allows 2 members of your team to align with experts, business representatives or authorities. You will receive mentorship from the Clean Capital network during that period. You will get free samples of feedstock materials or data-sources to validate your technology; and priority access afterwards to implement and scale your business in Amsterdam once proven. Mentors will assist in building regional partnerships and get you access to relevant investors & funding sources.

We have all the resources for you to accelerate your business in Amsterdam! So apply for this challenge! More information on the website of CleanCapital:


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