New Sea Lock brought into vision

The construction of the IJmuiden New Sea Lock is now in full swing. Construction began in January 2016 and the new lock will be available for shipping early 2022. From then on, the port of Amsterdam will be accessible 24 hours a day. Until that time, you can follow its construction in pictures and on films on this site.

Construction in context

Get a bird’s-eye view of the construction site.


What is where?

The construction of the IJmuiden New Sea Lock is well underway. Sheet pile walls, lock chamber walls, cofferdams, etc. are being raised at the construction site. 

But where are they situated? We have made an overview picture (in Dutch) to help you get a proper understanding of where these building elements can be found.

A new ‘front door’ for Amsterdam

Every day, ships with goods and raw materials such as oil, food products, jeans, cars, cocoa beans, animal feed, and fertilizers enter the port of Amsterdam. After nearly a century, however, replacement of the lock has become necessary for technical and economic reasons. In 2019, according to plan, the first ship will pass through the new lock. In this way, we can continue to be among the leading European ports.

Animatie zeesluis

Animation of the New Sea Lock

Are you curious to see how the New Sea Lock looks like? Check here for the animation.

Sluis met drone

Drone films of the construction

In order to monitor the progress of the construction from the air, drone recordings are made every three months. In the drone film of the first three months of 2019, the following highlights are visible from the air: the walls under construction of the inner head (on the North Sea Canal side), the outer head (seaward side), the dividing wall, the western part of Middensluiseiland, the Lock Operation Centre (SOC), the construction of the lock sill cofferdam of the outer head (for opening and closing, the future outer gate will run across the lock sill), and the installation of anchors onto the lock chamber walls.

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Time-lapse of the construction

This is a time-lapse of the activities from January to March 2019. The following activities are shown in the time-lapse: the cofferdam of the inner lock head is being closed; the lock sill of the inner lock head is being completed; there are concreting operations at the top of the northern lock chamber wall; there are concrete pouring operations for the floor of the lock sill cofferdam of the outer lock head; there are concreting operations for the guard wall; the lock gates are being completed; and construction work of the walls of the inner lock head re continuing.


IJmuiden webcam

Watch live the arrival of ships at IJmuiden