Circular economy

Port of Amsterdam is a first-rate base for circular economy due to the intensive recycling and the high level of expertise in the port. The port welcomes start-ups as well as intensive projects and business part of the circular economy.


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Circular economy

First-rate base for circular economy

Recycling is an important sector in the port of Amsterdam region. This concerns the recycling of metal, scrap metal, rubble, e-waste and other waste and biobased recycling. This is a first-rate base for the circular economy, based on the reuse of material. Port of Amsterdam actively attracts start-ups as well as knowledge-intensive projects and businesses that are part of the circular economy.

High level expertise

Port of Amsterdam reserves space and invests in collaborative ventures with customers and start-ups in order to further develop these kinds of innovative activities in the port. The City of Amsterdam is investing in the knowledge-based economy and R&D with, for example, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) initiative. With two universities and the Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam, Amsterdam is able to offer a high level of specialist expertise and innovation for the circular economy in Amsterdam.


Circular economy companies


Updates on Circular Economy

Public-private partnership to improve Port of Amsterdam safety

As part of a joint effort to increase fire safety in the Western Port Area, Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade, the Harbour Master’s Division, Port of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Mutual Aid System (AMAS) are creating a shared fire-fighting service in...

Turning citrus waste into value-added raw materials

Vanaf 1 maart is PeelPioneers, een bio raffinage bedrijf voor citrusschillen, gevestigd in Prodock.

Port of Amsterdam accelerates energy transition

As part of its new strategy – presented to the Amsterdam City Council yesterday as part of a five-year plan – Port of Amsterdam is contributing to the growing momentum behind the energy transition. As well as accommodating activities that help boost...

AEB invests in doubling its recycling activities and social employment

AEB Amsterdam plans to invest heavily in increasing its recycling efforts over the next several years.

Port of Amsterdam signs Commodity Agreement

Port of Amsterdam last night became an official co-signatory to the national Commodity Agreement. Together with a large number of companies, government authorities, research and educational institutions and NGOs we spearheaded the initiative to...

Waternet receives key to The Calcite Factory

Roelof Kruize, CEO of Waternet, received the key to The Calcite Factory on Tuesday 1 November. From the beginning of 2017, Waternet, Advanced Minerals and AquaMinerals will research at this factory whether they can process calcite pellets, which...

Biobased and circular economy gives the Port a competitive advantage

Last December, an extensive article on a biobased and circular port was published in Maritime Holland edition 8/2015 by Eduard de Visser, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Port of Amsterdam, explaining this subject. Sustainable competitive...

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