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Perfectly accessibly by road and water, the port of Amsterdam is the ideal location for yacht building. The close proximity of public transport, Schiphol Airport and the Amsterdam city centre is an added advantage.


Yacht building in the port of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has been renowned for its shipbuilding industry since the fourteenth century, specifically for the high level of craftsmanship and superior quality standards involved. This longstanding tradition is now being continued, as Port of Amsterdam is inviting yacht manufacturers specialising in the construction and refitting of superyachts to relocate to the Amsterdam port area.

Unique industrial area for yacht building in Amsterdam

The port of Amsterdam is the perfect location for yacht building, including both new builds and refits. As well as being perfectly accessible by road and water, the area is conveniently located to various public transport, Schiphol Airport and the Amsterdam city centre. The port of Amsterdam is a non-tidal port, with a nearby, thriving industrial community that provides plenty of opportunities. At just over an hour away, the North Sea is close at hand for conducting test runs.

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Amsterdam as a superyacht destination

Port of Amsterdam provides superyacht operators with the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, restock their yacht, or have maintenance performed by local yacht manufacturers.

It’s the perfect destination for owners and crew to embark and disembark while at the same time discovering the city’s numerous attractions, including its historical city centre (listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List), unique art and cultural venues, and many exclusive restaurants.

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