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Short sea shipping at the port of Amsterdam is fast, reliable and sustainable with strong connections to North West Europe.

short sea

Short sea shipping: fast, reliable and sustainable

Short sea shipping is becoming more and more popular. 22% of the total transhipment taking place in the port of Amsterdam is transported from Amsterdam to the rest of Europe by short sea shipping. Short sea shipping to and from the port of Amsterdam enables a fast and reliable transportation of large volumes of freight. This environmentally friendly modality fits well into the sustainable mobility Port of Amsterdam is encouraging.

Various regular liner services

Traditionally the port of Amsterdam has strong short sea connections with Scandinavia. And this tradition continues, with weekly liner services to various Scandinavian destinations. The port also maintains good short sea connections with Great Britain, the Baltic States and Russia. Port of Amsterdam is currently working on a triangular service to serve the Baltic States via Great Britain.

New possibilities with new, biggest sea-lock of the world

The port always seeks opportunities to become smarter, faster and cleaner. With the realization of the new and biggest sea-lock of the world in 2022 (500 meters long, 70 meters wide and 18 meters deep), the port of Amsterdam will be ready to welcome more and bigger ships at te same time. This new lock also offers more capacity 24/7 hours a day, tideless, safe, time efficient and more flexibility. The time to consider new possibilities is now. We welcome you at the port of Amsterdam!

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Excellent connections with hinterland

The port of Amsterdam has excellent intermodal hinterland connections.

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Direct contact with our experts

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