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Due to the flexibility and the delivery of tailor-made solutions, the port of Amsterdam is a good base location for organisations active in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry. 

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Amsterdam as a base location

Looking for a location to mobilise and demobilise Offshore Oil & Gas projects? Think of the port of Amsterdam. With a wide range of terminals that facilitate the offshore industry, including quays equipped for heavy cargo, Amsterdam is the perfect location. Strategically located near the North Sea.

offshore mobilisatie en demobilisatie

Mobilisation and demobilisation for offshore projects

Amsterdam is regularly used for the (de)mobilisation of ships. Think of ships that are used for:

  • seabed research; 
  • installation activities;
  • inspection activities and
  • maintenance activities. 

As Amsterdam is situated behind one of the largest sea locks in the world, it is the ideal location to prepare for projects independently of the weather. Amsterdam also offers the possibility to 'jack-up' ships.  




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Allard Klinkers

Allard Klinkers

Commercial Division
Commercial Manager Offshore & Logistics
Team Cargo
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Femke Brenninkmeijer

Femke Brenninkmeijer

Commercial Division
Head of Department Energy, Cargo & Offshore
Team Energy
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