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Amsterdam port region is ideal for offshore and heavy lift due to the favorably location, space, expertise and infrastructure.

Off shore

Favorably located with lot of space and expertise

The port of Amsterdam region is favorably located and has a lot of space for the transhipment, storage and assembly of wind turbines for wind farms at sea. IJmuiden has facilitated many oil and gas platforms and the assembly of two wind farms along the Dutch coast. Therefore, it is abundantly experienced in off-shore activities.


Amsterdam has the space, relevant logistic partners, including a joint venture with 80 companies (AYOP), and a good and solid infrastructure. The presence of that much technical, maritime and logistical knowledge in the area can result in a cost reduction within the off shore wind supply chain. This makes the port region the ideal one-stop-shop for off shore and heavy lift. Important players like Solitaire, Westermeerwind and Scylla choose for Amsterdam.

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Offshore terminals

7 terminals handle more than 2.8 million tons of breakbulk and project cargo yearly


Direct contact with our experts

For questions, wishes or more information on offshore and heavy lift 

Femke Brenninkmeijer

Commercial Division
Head of Department Energy, Cargo & Offshore
Team Energy
Tel: +31 6 518 98 412

Dorothy Winters

Commercial Division
Commercial Manager Offshore / AYOP
Team Cargo
Tel: +31 20 523 45 38

Daan van Velzen

Commercial Division
Commercieel Manager General Cargo & Offshore
Team Cargo
Tel: +31 6 821 39 879

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