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The Amsterdam port region has an outstanding industrial minerals network and is excellent located within the international logistical ARA hub for mineral shipping and transport.

Leading player in industrial minerals

Industriële mineralen


Industrial minerals network

There is a substantial industrial minerals network in the Amsterdam port region. Fifteen companies are engaged in storage and transhipment, processing and end uses of minerals. Around half of the imported minerals is processed in this region and around half of that is then sold in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam. All other minerals are transported - partly processed and partly unprocessed - to the hinterland.

Excellent for mineral shipping and transport

The port of Amsterdam region is uniquely situated within the international logistical ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) hub. Following their arrival in the port via deep sea vessel, the minerals can immediately be distributed to the processing companies or transported to their final destination via the excellent hinterland connections (water, rail, road, air) the port of Amsterdam offers.


Industrial mineral companies


Minerals and additives for the drilling & engineering industry and processing operations
Westerduinweg 1
1976 BV  IJmuiden

Omya Amsterdam

Industrial minerals and distributor of chemical products
Grasweg 47
1031 HX  Amsterdam


Talc minerals
Kajuitweg 8
1041 AR  Amsterdam

Maja Stuwadoors

Floating stevedore, transshipment and storage of bulk cargo and breakbulk
Pier Azië 10
1013 BT  Amsterdam


Industrial minerals and logistics
Westpoort 1525
Coenhavenweg 22
1013 BL  Amsterdam


Architectural coatings
Oceanenweg 2
1047 BB  Amsterdam

Overslagbedrijf Amsterdam (OBA)

Transshipment and storage dry bulk
Westhavenweg 70
1042  AL  Amsterdam

IGMA Bulk Terminal

Transshipment and storage bulk cargo (agri bulk, minerals, biomass)
Coenhavenweg 3
1013 BK  Amsterdam


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Femke Brenninkmeijer

Commercial Division
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Team Cargo
Tel: +31 6 518 98 412

Pim Steenhuis

Pim Steenhuis

Commercial Division
Commercial Manager Dry Bulk
Team Cargo
Tel: +31 6 231 07 717

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