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The port of Amsterdam region is a top player in dry bulk; Amsterdam is the second largest coal and agribulk transhipment port in Europe and world’s largest cocoa port and has excellent hinterland connections.


Top player in dry bulk

The port of Amsterdam region is a top player in dry bulk; Amsterdam is world’s largest cocoa port and the second largest coal and agribulk transhipment port in Europe. Our dedicated terminals offer services like shipping, storage and transport for all sorts of dry bulk, ranging from coal to scrap and from agribulk to industrial minerals. A substantial part of the dry bulk is also processed in the port of Amsterdam before transhipping it into Europe.

Excellent hinterland connections by road, rail and water

The port of Amsterdam has excellent hinterland connections for dry bulk transport. Many of the dry bulk terminals in Amsterdam have their own road, rail and inland shipping facilities and are directly connected to Europe's hinterland. Maximum size vessels can discharge and load (part of) their dry bulk at the lightening facilities before the locks in IJmuiden.

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New possibilities with new, biggest sea-lock of the world

The port always seeks opportunities to become smarter, faster and cleaner. With the realization of the new and biggest sea-lock of the world in 2019 (500 meters long, 70 meters wide and 18 meters deep), the port of Amsterdam will be ready to welcome more and bigger ships at the same time. This new lock also offers more capacity 24/7 hours a day, tideless, safe, time efficient and more flexibility. The time to consider new possibilities is now. We welcome you at the port of Amsterdam!

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Dry bulk terminals

8 terminals handle more than 30 million tons of dry bulk yearly

‘Our society cannot sustain itself without energy.’

Hans Fijlstra, Managing Director of Bulk Terminal Amsterdam.

Hans FIjlstra

‘So far, sustainable forms of energy, such as solar and wind energy, provide insufficient power and reliability to meet Europeans' energy requirements. It would be ideal if we could do without coal – I've got children and grandchildren too. But our society cannot sustain itself without energy.’

Excellent connections with hinterland

The port of Amsterdam has excellent intermodal hinterland connections.

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Updates on Dry Bulk

Transhipment NSC ports down 1% in 2015

Transhipment in IJmuiden rose to 17.9 million tonnes (+2%). Zaanstad and Beverwijk saw transhipment increase to 340,000 tonnes (+47%) and 343,000 tonnes (+44%) respectively.

Expansion of agribulk storage in Port of Amsterdam

IGMA will use the lot with a surface area of more than 37,000 m2 for storage and transhipment of agri products such as soy and maize for its clients. These products are supplied to IGMA by various large shipping companies, mainly from South America.
ICL opens head office Amsterdam

ICL opens European head office in Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam is delighted that ICL has chosen to locate its new head office in Amsterdam. Port of Amsterdam CEO Dertje Meijer says the fact that ICL already has activities in the port of Amsterdam means it is well acquainted with Amsterdam’s...
Port of Amsterdam receives IBJ Award

Port of Amsterdam wins IBJ Award 2016; Best Specialist Dry Bulk Port

Port of Amsterdam received the IBJ Award 2016 for ‘Best Specialist Dry Bulk Port’
H. Blom & Sons

New storage space and high capacity weighbridge for H. Blom & Zonen

Family business H. Blom & Zonen doesn’t stand still. After a few months of brain and construction work their new storage space is a fact and operational. Furthermore, in the same week a weighbridge with a 60 tonnes capacity was delivered. With...

Port of Amsterdam represented at Brazil's largest bio energy event

Brazil’s sugarcane bioethanol production is the second largest in the world - after the United States. The global discussion regarding the use of food crops for fuel accelerates the research into the use of the residue for so called ‘second...
Struyk expands

Concrete manufacturer Struyk Verwo expands in port of Amsterdam

Concrete manufacturer Struyk Verwo signed a long lease agreement for the expansion of its grounds. Struyk produces paving materials in particular and is the sole supplier to the City of Amsterdam.

Direct contact with our experts

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Femke Brenninkmeijer

Commercial Division
Head of Department Energy, Cargo & Offshore
Team Energy
Tel: +31 6 518 98 412
E-mail: femke.brenninkmeijer@portofamsterdam.nl

Robert Evers

Robert Evers

Commercial Division
Commercial Manager Agri Bulk
Team Cargo
Tel: +31 6 108 91 125
E-mail: robert.evers@portofamsterdam.nl

Pim Steenhuis

Commercial Division
Commercial Manager Dry Bulk
Team Cargo
Tel: +31 6 231 07 717
E-mail: pim.steenhuis@portofamsterdam.nl

Job van der Kroft

Commercial Division
Commercial Manager Energy
Team Energy
Tel: +31 6 139 89 201
E-mail: job.van.der.kroft@portofamsterdam.nl