Lokale bouwlogistiek over water

Local construction logistics by water

The port is closely connected to the city. Large quantities of goods and building materials are transported to and from the port by water every day.

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Amsterdam vaart

Project Amsterdam Vaart!

The municipality of Amsterdam, Waternet, TNO and the Port of Amsterdam are striving for cleaner and smarter city logistics and a more accessible and liveable city. Amsterdam Vaart! stimulates construction projects to transport construction equipment and materials by water wherever possible.

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Amsterdam Vaart! (Dutch movie)

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Results construction logistics on water

In Amsterdam Vaart! 9 construction projects have been supported and monitored over the past two years. The results are positive. 37% less CO2 emissions, 1,600 fewer truck trips in the city and a reduction of 19,700 trips outside the city. More information can be found in the extensive TNO report (in Dutch). There is also a summary (in Dutch).

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Kim Borgmann

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