Ban on entering

A ban on entering applies for the following port basins: Mercuriushaven, Coenhaven, Jan van Riebeeckhaven, Westhaven, Amerikahaven, Afrikahaven.

Permission is not required in the following situations:
  • Loading, unloading and waiting for a berth.
  • Bunker ships, service vessels, dredgers and work ships that are working on the port infrastructure.
  • Tow boats and the vessels of boatmen, in as far as they assist an incoming or departing ship.
  • A ship that is employed by a legal public entity or is carrying out work commissioned by an entity governed by public law.
Permission required

In all other cases, permission is required. Please request permission with this form.

The designation of dock basins with an entry prohibition

How to request

1. Please submit the form at least 72 hours in advance. (Is this is not possible in the given time frame?)

Is this not possible in the given time frame?
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2. We would like to receive and process your request as soon as possible.

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