Arrange your visit to Port of Amsterdam

Everything you need to know and do.

Regel uw bezoek

1. In advance

Is your ship information still correct?
Have you recently sold your ship or purchased a new ship? If so, please send your updated information directly to us via email. This will prevent incorrect invoicing.


2. Facilities


Where are the drop-off points for your waste located and what are the rules?
In advance: please contact the SAB Maritime Services.

Car hold place

There are 6 places in the port where you can take your car on and off board.
In advance: you do not need to reserve a space in advance. The use of a car hold station is free of charge.

Car parking

You may park your car free of charge at various locations in the Amsterdam port area


There are several stations where you can obtain fuel and lubricating oil.

Drinking water

With your chip card on your SAB map you may tap drink water
In advance: Order your SAB map.

Medical services

First aid, medical examinations and mental health assistance for (International) shipping.


There are several scenarios available for degassing in the ave port.
In advance: please request permission if you want to degas while stationary.

Rules concerning sailing times and resting periods

If your vessel is limited to daytime operation or is not in operation 24 hours a day, you are entitled – under the Dutch statutory rules concerning sailing times and resting periods – to use designated berths for which you are not required to pay port dues. These berths include Surinamekade, IJplein, Het Slik north of Surinamekade, and berths located in the inlets of the North and South Coen Tunnel.

You must, when submitting your statement for Inland Harbour Dues, specify the relevant berths in the ‘Exemptions’ section.”

Waiting Berth 

Information on the occupancy and availability of these public berths is available on BLIS, the Inland Navigation Berth Information System Inland Navigation Bert Information System

Shore power and Generator ban

With your mobile telephone and a code, you can turn the shore power on and off.
In advance: Install the "Park-line Water-Shore power" app on your mobile telephone.



3. Arrival and departure

VHF Channels

You must report to the harbour master as soon as you arrive in the port area and depart from a terminal or waiting area.



4. Task inland harbour dues

Inland Harbour Dues

As in all other ports, you must submit a statement of Inland Harbour Dues – this provides you access to the port area