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Tuesday, January 2, 2018 (All day) to Thursday, January 2, 2020 (All day)
Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied

Below is an overview of the Shipping announcements (Basijn)  that have been issued up to 1 January 2019 and that can be considered as current:


12/1992 Maximum snelheid Noordzeekanaal en toeleidingskanalen naar de sluizen (only available in Dutch)

14/1992 Gebruik vastmakers (only available in Dutch)

06/1998 Twee geulgebonden schepen op één tij (only available in Dutch)

04/2000 Loodsbestelling op look-see basis (only available in Dutch)

24/2001 Wijziging toelatingsbeleid Haven IJmuiden (only available in Dutch)

16/2005 Voorschriften gebruik lichterfaciliteit te IJmuiden (only available in Dutch)

08/2006 Beloodsing van schepen met een diepgang tot en met 14.1m (only available in Dutch)

11/2009 Restanten voormalige Velserspoorbrug (only available in Dutch)

24/2011 Minimum besteltijd voor loodsen op afstand voor binnenbuitenschepen (only available in Dutch)

43/2015 Regulation Notification Seagoing Ships North Sea Canal Area

04/2016 Instruction for ships with a beam of more than 35 metres wishing to pass through the IJmuiden North Lock

31/2016 Activities and measures in relation to the construction of the IJmuiden New Sea Lock

02/2017 Adjustments buoyage east side work area IJmuiden New Sea Lock

09/2017 Decree concerning a ban on the degassing of berthed inland tankships for benzene and specific products containing more than 10% benzene

13/2017 Use of berths in the port of Amsterdam

22/2017 Admission Policy IJ-geul Deep Water Channel and Deep Water Berths

25/2017 Changes to the organisation of IJmuiden VTS

31/2017 Policy Rules for transiting the North lock IJmuiden and North Sea Canal with marginal vesselsIJmuiden en het Noordzeekanaal

32/2017 Tug Use at the IJmuiden lock complex

37/2017 Modification to the anchorage area in the Eastern Port Area

38/2017 Location for pushed barges in the Eastern Port Area

52/2017 Establishment of an area closed for shipping in the Hornhaven and Moezelhaven

56/2017 New tariffs for the Port Waste Plan North Sea Canal Area with effect from 1 January 2018

13/2018 Berth in Afrikahaven reserved for vessels carrying bleu con(s) as indicated in ADN

20/2018 Establishment of an area closed for navigation in the Afrikahaven and North Sea Canal Area in Amsterdam

27/2018 Adjustment to the Oil Port Area

29/2018 Port Waste Plan North Sea Canal Area 2018

41/2018 Update of the action plan for seagoing ships of wich the cargo has been treated wiht fumigants in a foreign port

44/2018 IJmuiden North Lock closed to shipping

48/2018 Control Measures Canal Lighting North Sea Canal

50/2018 Work area indented quay section Paro, south side of the North Sea Canal near kilometre markers 14 -15 


The Director of the Public Body Central Nautical Management,

who is also the State Harbour Master

M.F. van de Kerkhof

Amsterdam, 2 januari 2019

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