Overview of current notices to skippers (Announcements)

From 01 Jan 2022
Area Municipality - ANZKG

The following is a list of announcements issued up to January 1, 2022 that can be considered still current:


  • 06/1998 Two gully-bound vessels on one tide
  • 04/2000 Pilotage on a look-see basis
  • 08/2006 Piloting of vessels with a draught of up to and including 14.1m
  • 11/2009 Remains of former Velserspoor bridge
  • 24/2011 Minimum pilotage order time on look-see basis for inland vessels
  • 04/2016 Designation of passage of the Noordersluis
  • 13/2017 Berth usage in the port of Amsterdam
  • 22/2017 Admission policy IJ channel and Deep Water moorings
  • 32/2017 Tugboat use of the IJmuiden lock complex
  • 21/2019 Guidelines for special transport
  • 26/2019 Policy Regulations for the passage of oversized vessels by sea in the North Sea Canal Area between the Velserpont and the Afrikahaven estuary
  • 51/2019 Renewed barge location IJ-piles in IJmuiden
  • 02/2020 Publication of decisions in connection with the new North Sea Canal Area Regional Port Regulations 2019 becoming effective
  • 03/2020 Publication of the decision to designate a temporary oil port area
  • 09/2020 Publication of the Port waste plan for the North Sea Canal area
  • 21/2020 Publication of the decision on berthing distances to an LNG bunkering vessel
  • 31/2020 Publication of decision on the designation of waiting places for TITAN ships
  • 32/2020 Publication of decision on tariffs for Port waste plan
  • 33/2020 Work on the Afgesloten IJ near Central Station
  • 35/2020 Determination of maximum sailing speed on the North Sea Canal and the Afgesloten IJ until the Stenen Hoofd in Amsterdam
  • 41/2020 Zuiderbinnentoeleidingskanaal IJmuiden, construction of car jetty
  • 44/2020 Designation of location for degassing
  • 52/2020 Work on the Afgesloten IJ near De Ruijterkade oost
  • 56/2020 Sea-going vessels with cargo that has been treated with disinfectants abroad
  • 60/2020 Repeal procedure for North Sea Pistons in connection with compulsory pilotage
  • 62/2020 Announcement decision bunkering permit, de-bunkering ban and permit requirements for fuels and energy sources
  • 02/2021 Designation of pontoon jetty in Oude Houthaven
  • 03/2021 Operation of fog light at head of fishing port
  • 05/2021 Adoption of checklist for bunkering and for bringing auxiliary substances on board
  • 07/2021 Vessel dimensions through the IJmuiden Intermediate Lock
  • 11/2021 Change to buoyage outside IJmuiden Port
  • 14/2021 Update work on the closed IJ River near Central Station
  • 15/2021 Decision on designation of an area for the use of spud poles by inland vessels
  • 18/2021 Basic Safety Training of NOVA College in the water near the Zuiderbinnentoeleidingskanaal
  • 19/2021 Work in the Aziëhaven
  • 20/2021 Expansion of CCN port at kmp 12 on the south side of the North Sea Canal
  • 28/2021 Introduction of feedback form for bunkering conventional fuels
  • 30/2021 Warning of possible transverse movement when entering west side of Middle and North locks
  • 40/2021 Announcement of decision to designate quay at Passengers Terminal Amsterdam for bunkering Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with an LNG bunkering vessel
  • 45/2021 Decree prohibiting ships in port basins
  • 46/2021 Protocol shipping concerning the coronavirus
  • 48/2021 Designation Decree for the Oil Port Area
  • 49/2021 Installation of an area closed to shipping traffic in the Houthaven in Amsterdam
  • 50/2021 Dredging work on Noorderkanaal near Averijhaven
  • 52/2021 Installation of an area closed to shipping traffic in the Verlengde Australiëhaven in Amsterdam
  • 53/2021 Adoption decision first regulation amending the Regional Port Regulations North Sea Canal Area 2019
  • 55/2021 Decision on the designation of berths for the bunkering of a ship by a bunkering vessel
  • 64/2021 Policy rules for passage of marginal ships through the Noordersluis IJmuiden lock and the North Sea Canal, eastbound and westbound
  • 65/2021 Adoption decision on consolidation rules for IJmuiden sea lock
  • 70/2021 Blocking of the entire IJmuiden lock complex, during the opening operation of the IJmuiden sea lock
  • 71/2021 Adoption decision on plan of action for the municipality of Velsen for seagoing vessels whose cargoes have been treated with disinfectants abroad
  • 72/2021 Lifting the ban on mooring tankers ADM haven
  • 74/2021 Temporarily deactivating page with details per berth on the website
  • 75/2021 Central Outer Canal
  • 76/2021 Publication of decision appointing persons authorized to provide traffic information and instructions to shipping traffic for works at Ruijterkade
  • 77/2021 Update baseline 33/2020 works on the Afgesloten IJ near the Central Station


The Director of the Central Nautical Management North Sea Canal Area, who is also the State Harbour Master,

J.H.M. Mateyo