IJmuiden Noorderbuitenkanaal, renovation of the IJmuiden lightering facility ‘IJ-palen’

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 07:00 to Sunday, December 22, 2019 - 19:00
IJmuiden locks

The Deputy Director of the Public Body Central Nautical Management, who is also the Deputy (State) Harbour Master, announces the following:

In the period from 18 November 2019 (07.00 LT) to 22 December 2019 (19.00 LT), the existing IJmuiden lightering facility ‘IJ-palen’ in the Noorderbuitenkanaal will be replaced by two breasting dolphins with fenders (BD1 en BD2) in combination with two sets of three mooring dolphins (MD1, MD2, MD5, MD6, MD3 and MD4).

The renovated lightering facility will be suitable for mooring Panamax, Capesize and Wozmax ships with a maximum draught permitted for passage through the IJ-geul deep water route;

The existing mooring facility (mooring dolphin, breasting dolphins, and mooring buoys) will be completely removed;

Due to the renovation work, the present IJmuiden lightering facility ‘IJ-palen’ cannot be used in the following period: 18 November 2019 (07.00 LT) to approximately 6 December 2019 (19.00 LT);

The renovation work will be carried out from Monday to Friday, from 07.00 to approximately 21.00 LT each day;

For the purpose of the renovation work, a work area has been established; the area is 500 metres long and 120 metres wide (see drawing below);

For the installation of the breasting dolphins (BD1 and BD2), the work ship must be positioned right across the fairway. The installation of each breasting dolphin will take approximately 4 hours. During the installation, the work area will be extended to an area with a length of 500 metres and a width of 180 metres for a short time only. Ships passing the area will be timely informed of this by IJmuiden VTS on the relevant VHF Sector channel.

Outside the working hours mentioned above, the work ships will be moored in the IJmuiden Buitenspuikanaal;

The work ships involved in the renovation work will keep contact with VTS Sector IJmuiden Port Control on channel 61.

Mooring facility renovated IJmuiden lightering facility ‘IJ-palen’ and designated work area

All ships are requested to comply with the following:

To pass the area at a reduced speed and to refrain from causing hindrance through wash or waves;

When passing the work area, to navigate on or as much as possible south of the axis of the Noorderbuitenkanaal;

The period required for the renovating work will be as short a possible or as long as necessary.


Should you have any questions about this Announcement, please contact the Duty Operations Manager at the following telephone number: +31 205 234 692.

The deputy Director of the Public Body Central Nautical Management, who is also the deputy (State) Harbour Master

J.W. Husslage








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