Dredging work Noorderkanaal near the Averijhaven

From 21 Sep 2021 until 31 Dec 2021
Area Municipality - Velsen

With effect from 21 September 2021, the CNB announces that the development of the Averijhaven will start.

What's going to happen?

In addition to the Averijhaven dredging depot on the north side of the Noorderbuitenkanaal, the dredging vessel Vox Amalia will receive dredging sludge from the Averijhaven dredging depot based on dynamic positioning. The position of the Vox Amalia receives the sludge and brings it to Rotterdam. This will be repeated until the depot is empty at the end of December 2021.


basijn 502021 NL.pdf (pdf 215kb)
basijn502021 uk .pdf (pdf 210kb)